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Street Art Piece

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cropped-cropped-1798950_10153899987305228_1004436503_o.jpgLast weekend I met up with Anna, the street artist and screen printer in our show. She was doing up a wall at the Bernard Shaw Pub in Dublin 2 to advertise our exhibition. It was a great time. People from all walks of life came up to say hello, a bus driver going by gave his approval with a thumbs up, and there was more than one photo taken by people we didn’t even ¬†know. Anna worked so hard to design, prep and then create this piece. It gave me a new appreciation for Street Art. I’m excited to see the rest of her piece when the exhibition opens!

These are just some of the conversations we are having at Coversations|Reconstructed. We hope you will join in with us in this next phase. Even if you can’t be at the show you can still be a part of it. More information is available at our Indiegogo page.

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Stay tuned, there is so much more to come!